Press Play on TrueView Video Ads

1. Set the stage for TrueView ads

  • Use TrueView in-stream and video discovery ads in the right contexts.

Why: These ads appear in different contexts. Those differences should be taken into account when optimizing your creatives and bids.

  • Move beyond last-click attribution.

Why: It’s important to account for all of the digital touchpoints that led to a conversion.

Read more about how to define the right objectives for your TrueView video campaigns.

2. Capture attention with compelling TrueView ads

  • Make your TrueView ad’s first five seconds count.

Why: After this, users can choose to watch or skip your ads your TrueView in-stream ads.

  • Use relevant images and text to increase CTR.

Why: Well-designed titles, descriptions and images for TrueView video discovery ads can lead to a positive impact on your CTR.

  • Use call-to-action overlays and cards to to drive people to your site or app.

Why: Make it easy for viewers to perform a specific action once they see your ad.

Read more about how to create compelling video ad creatives.

3. Reach the most qualified audiences with YouTube

  • Use YouTube remarketing lists broadly across the Display Network.

Why: If your YouTube videos get a lot of distribution, they can be a powerful audience list for your broader display and video campaigns.

  • Use Customer Match to create custom audience segments.

Why: You can reach your most valuable customers through customer match campaigns.

  • Extend remarketing with in-market audiences.

Why: You can drive new qualified traffic to your site and grow your remarketing lists.

Read more about how to optimize your video audience lists.

4. Track and optimize YouTube ads

  • Use video analytics to fine tune your YouTube creatives and audiences.

Why: You can maximize your return on investment with these optimizations.

  • Set your video ad rotations to optimize automatically.

Why: With many creative tests running, it’s tough to keep track of all the moments of statistical significance. Let the system optimize towards the best performing video ads.

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